A look back over the veteran producer’s adventures in bass.

dBridge is back on his own Exit Records with a new album. Lineage accompanies a photobook of the same name that features snapshots taken by the artist over the course of his musical career.

“I’m lucky as I’m in a unique position to be able to get closer than most to my fellow music makers and listeners and point a lens into their world”, explains the drum and bass pioneer.

“It dawned on me that what had started out as a photographic collection of the people I met whilst travelling through music was forming a unified image of the Bass music scene, images of the people around me who had helped shape it and are a part of its lineage.”

The album follows last year’s A Love I Can’t Explain, which was the producer’s first solo album in  10 years.

A limited amount of Lineage photobooks, which come packaged with a 12″ vinyl and digital download of the album, are available from Exit Records now.

Check out the album artwork, photobook and tracklist below.


01. ‘Mauve’
02. ‘Hidden Intention’
03. ‘Tear Me Open ‘
04. ‘Volitile Level’
05. ‘Unburied’
06. ‘Comments’
07. ‘Echo Chamber’

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