A Yamaha-inspired ring modulator for Eurorack.

Deckard’s Voice, the Blade Runner-referencing synth voice for Eurorack based on Yamaha’s classic CS-80, is getting a companion module called Rachael.

Named after the replicant character from the 1982 film, Rachael is based on the ring modulator from the CS-80. According to Black Corporation, it also has its own reference oscillator and envelope generator, as well as functioning as an independent ADSR, LFO or VCO.

Both Rachael and the previously announced Deckard’s Voice module are based on Black Corporation’s Deckard’s Dream, an eight-voice clone of the classic Yamaha CS-80 used by Vangelis to compose the Blade Runner score.

Black Corporation hasn’t announced a price or release date for Rachael, but Deckard’s Voice is expected to arrive later this year.

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