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Iranian experimental electronics from Sote’s fledgling label.

Ata Ebtekar, aka Sote, will release two new projects via his experimental electronic label Zabte Sote next month.

Urns Waiting To Be Fed is the new album from Rojin Sharafi, a sound artist and composer based in Vienna. Sote describes the record as “an abstract music that narrates”, which blends the microtonal sounds of traditional Iranian instruments with synthesis and electro-acoustic elements.

Convergence Zone is the latest transmission from Nima Aghiani, who is one half of experimental duo 9T Antiope. Using a combination of electronic and acoustic techniques, the Paris-based composer and violinist asks: “How far can the body expand into the machine and how deep can the machine penetrate the body, where does this growing stop and what are the limits; which one dominates and which one submits.”

Sote’s exceptional debut on Diagonal Records, Parallel Persia, was released earlier this year and featured in our list of the best albums of the last three months.

Both projects arrive on September 6 and will be available to pre-order digitally and on physical formats via the Zabte Sote Bandcamp. Check out the cover art and tracklists of both albums below.

Zabte Sote Zabte Sote


01. ‘A Barrel Of Monkeys’
02. ‘Floating On The Stream’
03. ‘Darwinian Demon’
04. ‘Sayonara’
05. ‘Zoetrope’
06. ‘I Threw A Ball’
07. ‘The Last Urn Broke’
08. ‘Pieces Whirling In The Wind

Zabte Sote Zabte Sote


01. ‘Humachine’
02. ‘Automaton’
03. ‘In The Flesh’
04. ‘Attract Repulse’
05. ‘Submit, Defy’

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