Press photo by: Sarah Bastin

With a video so neon it almost looks toxic.

Norwegian disco disciples Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas have remixed a true don of the genre, Cerrone.

The pair takes on the Frenchman’s new single, ‘The Impact’, which samples from a speech by anthropologist Jane Goodall, in which she makes an urgent call to action to fix the “scars” that humanity has inflicted upon the earth. In Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas’ hands, ‘The Impact’ takes on a distinctly spaced-out vibe. When paired with its music video, a montage of industrial plants, landfills, barren forests and raging fires drenched in garish shades of neon green and purple, it presents a strange, eerie juxtaposition of happy-sounding music against images of vast destruction.

‘The Impact’ is the first single from Cerrone’s forthcoming album DNA, which arrives early next year. It follows his 2016 LP Red Lips.

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