Photo by: Expressive E

It’s available to pre-order for $1,079.

Expressive E and Haken Audio are taking on ROLI with their new expressive keyboard synthesizer, the Osmose.

While the Osmose might look like it has a standard keyboard design (albeit with elongated keys), it’s capable of recognising different physical gestures like tap, shake and strum. It’s similar in principle to ROLI’s Seaboard instruments, but without the squishy keys – something that may be more attractive to traditional keyboard players.

The Osmose is powered by Haken Audio’s EaganMatrix sound engine, which a press release claims is the “most powerful expressive synthesizer on the market”. The synth engine combines digital synthesis (including physical modeling) additive, subtractive, FM, virtual analog, granular and spectral synthesis.

If you don’t want to use the onboard engine, the Osmose can be used as a standard MIDI controller. It also has support for MIDI Polyphonic Exprssion (MPE), which means you can use the keyboard’s gestural controls with any MPE-compatible synthesiser or VST plugin.

As you’d expect, the Osmose has a fairly high price tag – $/€1,799 is the full cost. However, if you pre-order before December 31 for a projected summer 2020 delivery you can get one for $/€1,079 with a $/€299 deposit.

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