The veteran producer and teaching professor records a set from his California sound laboratory.

King Britt started his career as a resident DJ at Philadelphia’s Silk City in the early ’90s, and started releasing solo records a few years later, both under the King Britt name and other aliases, such as his sci-fi pseudonym, Fhloston Paradigm.

More recently, he’s taken up a position as Assistant Teaching Professor at UCSD in the Computer Music Department, focusing on production and recording research. It’s from his sound laboratory in California that Britt filmed this episode of Patch Notes, that makes use of classic and contemporary hardware like the Roland SH-101 and Moog Mother-32.

“This video was a bit of a fun look into my process of creating my radio Transmissions radio show on NTS,” Britt says. “Each show is usually a live hour jam with no overdubs. I was playing around with a new studio configuration (which changes every few months).”

“My live jams are always sound responses to things happening either close in my life or to humanity as a whole,” he continues. “With this I was feeling hopeful for humanity, a feeling that may help those who listen closely. The chords are the light.”

Find King Britt’s music at Bandcamp.

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