An improvisational session from the Bogotá musician and synth designer.

Ela Minus is a musician from Bogotá, Colombia who exclusively uses hardware synthesizers to perform, write and record her techno-inspired pop songs.

Her love affair with synths doesn’t stop at music-making: she studied synthesis and learned how to design and build instruments for herself, which led her to work at boutique New York synth company, Critter & Guitari.

Earlier this year, Ela signed to Domino Records, which releases her debut album Acts of Rebellion next month. In advance of its release, Ela has filmed an experimental set for our Patch Notes series at her studio in Bogotá.

“I recently moved and my studio is not set up yet so I just took my live setup out of the case and onto a table for this,” she says. “I used exactly what I use live except for the Juno 60 and the Septavox. I wanted to play my songs but make something a bit different; so I did not sing and just played around using some of the sequences of the songs and improvised a bit with them.” 

Acts of Rebellion is released on October 23 and can be pre-ordered here.

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