Check out the dreamy visuals for the track ‘Simple Dreams Of Simple Days’.

Glaswegian beat scene veteran Mike Slott returns to LuckyMe with his first release on the label in a decade. Vignettes started life as a performance piece at the Edinburgh International festival in 2011, when Mike was tasked with a live re-scoring of Andrei Zvyagintsev’s 2003 film The Return.

The producer has teamed up with filmmaker Adam Saewitz for a dreamy video for the track ‘Simple Dreams Of Simple Days’, which was inspired by the sight of a man blowing bubbles in Central Park.

“This group of tracks is an attempt at creating my own ‘inner soundtrack’, scene by scene”, explains Slott. “Writing to picture was an eye-opening experience as I began to see my own music in a totally new light. Watching it come to life in a way I’d never seen before, it all just kind of clicked. It taught me how the use of space is so important in working with film and how saying a little can really go a long way in some instances.”

Vignettes is out now, on LuckyMe.

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