Inspired by insomniac states of being half awake, when reality and dreams become confused.

For the video for the track ‘Insomnia’, taken from cellist Sara Oswald and sound artist Feldermelder’s recent live album, Hidden in Kaoris Castle, photographer and filmmaker Marie Taillefer looked to her dreams for inspiration.

“‘Insomnia’ is about ubiquity”, she explains, “dreams while being half awake, visions. It’s about the moment when you fall asleep, when reality and dreams mix up as a fractal figure.”

“The humans shown in the video are sleeping or looking at distant sights, like shapes walking on a pier. The frame, time lap and lighting is always a bit twinkled, resembling the way we might remember things.”

Marie Taillefer graduated from the Vevey School of Photography in 2003 and has created visuals for Animal Collective and Christian Louboutin.

Hidden in Kaoris Castle is out now on -OUS Records.

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