Taken from her stunning debut, One Life.

Multimedia artist Daniel Swan captures French producer and vocalist Malibu “somewhere between a ritualistic spell, martial arts and a meditative state” for the video for ‘Camargue’, a standout track from her stunning debut, One Life.

The video was shot at the Seven Sisters cliffs in Eastbourne, England. “The idea was to imitate the landscape and its life”, explains Malibu, “from the muddy, wet sand, to the creamy cliffs and the sea’s foam, to the bright white feathers of the seagulls—be one with the environment, be its echo.”

Malibu first appeared on PAN’s cult ambient compilation Mono No Aware in 2017. In 2019 she released one of the very best EPs of the year, One Life.

One Life is out now, on UNO NYC.

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