Audiovisual artist Ben Moon translates the producer’s ghostly polytempos into writhing, nonlinear forms.

Cam Deas challenges conventional notions of linearity in sound and image with ‘Drift Through’, an eerie marriage of shifting sound design and writhing pixels courtesy of audiovisual artist Ben Moon.

Taken from Mechanosphere, his recent album for The Death of Rave, ‘Drift Through’ was recorded using a computer-controlled modular synth, allowing Deas to layer pitches in different tempos.

“The pieces use simultaneous tempos (polytempos) and probability to create imaginary sonic scenes of groups of lines modifying, colliding and structuring en masse”, he explains.

“The work on this album is about the experience of time, velocity and simultaneity. Exploring the idea that everything moves and transforms according to its own line of flight, but is also inevitably connected, interwoven and affecting how lines and time transform individually and as a whole.”

Mechanosphere is out now on The Death Of Rave and is available on Boomkat.

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