A composition created in collaboration with cellist Theresa Wong.

American composer Ellen Fullman and experimental cellist Theresa Wong look to the San Francisco bay for inspiration with their collaborative composition, Harbors.

The piece is structured around the extended harmonics of the open strings of the cello, and features Fullman’s long string instrument, a 70-foot hybrid of musical instrument and sound installation. Over 40 strings are stretched across the performance space, transforming it into a singular resonating body as Fullman moves along its length.

Harbors has been performed at festivals and events around the world, including Click Festival, Helsingør in Denmark, Transformer Station in Cleveland, MONA FOMA in Tasmania, Centennial Hall at the Sydney Festival, The Lab in San Francisco and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

A recording of the performance will be released by Room40 on August 14.

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