Artist DIY is a series of videos made by artists in collaboration with FACT in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FACT edits each episode remotely, while the artist shoots at their home or studio with whatever equipment they have available. In this episode, Manchester sound artist Vicky Clarke talks us through some of the DIY instruments and techniques she uses to make music.

Prior to the pandemic, Clarke worked on a project called Materiality, in which she combines physical materials and digital processes to build sound sculptures, and a collaborative project, Noise Orchestra. More recently Clarke has built an interface for Ableton Live using a revolutionary material called graphene, which she demonstrates in this episode.

Whilst in lockdown, Clarke has taken inspiration from a recent project in Russia focusing on machine learning to develop SleepStates, a browser-based artwork exploring feelings of online perpetuity and the sleep-like limbo of quarantine.

Clarke is part of Manchester’s music, art and technology scene, working to help communities and young people. She works with emerging musicians charity Brighter Sound and is part of local audiovisual community Test Card.

Clarke is also a creative associate at Future Everything, an organistion that has been exploring the intersection of technology, art and culture since 1995. She’s currently working on her first release – follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Additional footage and photos courtesy of:

MUTEK Barcelona
Film at Museum of Non Conformist Art with Ilia Symphocat and Mikhail Mesyac by Nikolay Yakunin

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