Our latest live session comes from one of 2019’s breakthrough artists.

For the second in in a new series of live sessions filmed behind closed doors by Fact at 180 The Strand, we invited Hyperdub’s Loraine James to perform a set, which draws on last year’s brilliant For You and I and earlier material.

The set includes live versions of For You and I standouts ‘Glitch Bitch’ and ‘Hand Drops’, as well as the 2018 track, ‘+44 -Thinking – Of – You – 01’, which James describes as “some of my favourite tracks to play live”.

James performs with a laptop, MIDI keyboard, Novation Launchpad, Novation Launch Control and APC MKII, a setup she’s used to make music for five years, since she first started performing. 

Since the release of For You and I last year, James has dropped a few self-released EPs on her Bandcamp, as well as a remix for Darkstar, released last month on Warp Records.

“Right now I’m finishing up on a couple albums and collaborating with other musicians,” James says.

“I’ve had […] writer’s block, as well as pressuring myself to produce a lot of music because there is a lot of time now,” she explains. “During the pandemic, I’ve also become a musician full time, which is pretty scary as a lot of gigs have been cancelled, so I’m trying to keep busy as much as I can.”

Find Loraine James’ music on Bandcamp.

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