A self-directed visual featuring Preston-born choreographer and performer Amber Calland.

Rising Preston producer and multidisciplinary artist Rainy Miller reflects on loss, family and healing with his new single, ‘Yellowman’. A moving response to Pete Brassett’s book of the same name, the track sees the artist reckoning with the absence of his father, as well as his experiences of being united with him for the first time since he was a child.

Rainy used Brassett’s book “to frame the song in this context, exploring the similarities of losing what should have been a father figure, yet not in the same literal terms,” he explains. “When I saw him for the first time, that’s how it felt, an immediate sense of loss, the apparition of a supposed prominent figure that had not been present.”

The one-shot visual accompaniment features Preston-born choreographer and performer Amber Calland and explores this arrested sense of grief and, in his own words, “portrays the utter confusion in searching for immediate answers, spending a day out of my own body, whilst searching throughout the dazed self immediately as the trauma had surfaced.”

‘Yellowman’ is out now, on Rainy Miller’s recently launched label, Fixed Abode.

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