DJ Mayhem leaves a trail of destruction with his mighty war-hammer as he stalks Team Rolfes through the bowels of Club Harlecore in a gabber frenzy.

Over the last few weeks Danny L Harle has been unveiling new rooms in his fantasy super club, Club Harlecore, the site of his forthcoming debut album. After giving us a glimpse of DJ Danny’s Euphoria Stadium in ‘On A Mountain’ for the grand opening of Club Harlecore, we were invited into Boing’s Bounce Room for ‘Boing Beat’, the main theme of fabled Harlecore collaborator MC Boing.

In ‘Interlocked’, we’re taken down into the club’s basement, which doubles as the lair for gabber-frenzied beast DJ Mayhem. Leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, thanks in part to his mighty war-hammer, Mayhem pursues Team Rolfes, the digital performance and image studio of Fact Resident Sam Rolfes and his brother and creative partner Andy Rolfes, through the bowels of Club Harlecore and beyond.

If you’re feeling a bit bruised, Danny has also opened Ocean’s Floor, the realm of sentient jellyfish, ethereal ambient entity and fourth and final Club Harlecore resident DJ Ocean, for ‘Ocean’s Theme’, a restorative sonic bath of pearlescent vocal melodies and aquatic textures.

Harlecore arrives on February 26 via Mad Decent. You can pre-order the vinyl edition of the album here.

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