A highlight from her new album, A Visible Length of Light.

Lea Bertucci documents a year of uncertainty and instability on her new album, A Visible Length of Light, interspersing short improvisational snippets with dense compositions that nod to traditional American musical forms like folk, bluegrass, jazz and gospel. Layering bass clarinet, alto saxophone, manipulated tape, organ, a venu wooden flute and field recordings, Bertucci evokes, in her own words: “the feeling of physically inhabiting a space, when the relationship to that space has become overwhelming, and provokes the desire to seek truth, transcendence, and moments of comfort, disquiet and catharsis through confusion.’

‘On Opposite Side of Sleep’ opens the album in spectacular fashion, threading spiralling saxophone through gauzy organ and clarinet drones. Experimental filmmaker Fern Silva responds with a suitably gorgeous video montage, matching Bertucci’s rich harmonies with evocative superimpositions and hazy analogue footage. Steadying his gaze at natural beauty, or instances when the natural obscures the harshness of the industrial, Silva envisions a world of optimism and openness, drawing strength from the warmth of Bertucci’s sound to turn away from the turmoil that inspired it.

‘On Opposite Sides of Sleep’ is taken from A Visible Length of Light, out now on Lea Bertucci’s own imprint, Cibachrome Editions, a home for various projects and art objects, including recordings and music scores. You can find Lea Bertucci on Instagram.

For more information about Fern Silva you can visit his website.

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