lil spirits concludes with a visual combining animation and live footage.

Enigmatic UK duo Two Shell‘s latest video is an accompaniment to their recently released track ‘ghost2’, in which a ghostly kawaii-esque figure illuminated by the glow of their phone falls into a vortex of Instagram posts. Interspersed with live footage of Two Shell themselves – taken from the new live show they’re touring throughout Europe this year – ‘ghost2’ continues the amalgam of early 2000s internet aesthetics and contemporary hyperpop that runs through all of their audio-visual breadcrumbs.

‘ghost2’, a highlight of their 2022 Boiler Room session and eternalseed mixtape, is now also the opening track for their EP lil spirits, which released in February as a five-track release and expanded with ‘mum is calling’ in March. The complete edition of lil spirits is available here.

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