A kaleidoscopic rave visual created using animation and AI techniques.

In the video for Aphex Twin’s ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’, the Warp artist’s regular visual collaborator Weirdcore creates a kaleidoscopic wormhole effect that nods to classic rave visuals while utilising modern animation and AI techniques.

Created with the assistance of animator Alfie Dwyer together with Misha Notley and Archie Taylor, who developed AI imagery backgrounds, the video uses similar techniques developed for Aphex Twin’s current live shows.

“I made some micro(cosmic?) beasties for Aphex Twin’s new music video,” Dwyer explains. “Weirdcore came up with the idea to put it into the video too using a slightly different method that employs it in 3D space. I then made and rendered the assets and Weirdcore animated them into the end of the video.”

‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’ is taken from Aphex Twin’s new EP on Warp. Weirdcore recently created a virtual exhibition for Fact and 180 Studios’ Future Shock exhibition, which includes an installation by Weirdcore called Subconscious – explore it in your browser here.

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