Evy Jane – ‘Sayso’

By , Feb 8 2012

There’s plenty of hibernal R&B doing the rounds at the moment, and with winter digging in it’s starting to feel all the more appropriate.

Canadians Evy Jane can perhaps bring bitter experience to the table – the image of log cabins and fur-coated wanderers populating a snow-covered wilderness seems to be borne out by the video to their debut single, Sayso.

Sonically, it’s a perfect match for the perpetual gloaming of deep winter: subdued chords are framed by a skeletal kick-and-stick arrangement, buoyed up by a periodic injection of smooth, lumbering bassweight. Singer Evelyn Mason’s voice doesn’t stray beyond a sepulchral sigh, just the barest wisps of soul curling off it like smoke.

The single’s out through Canadian label King Deluxe on February 20 – more info on their website.

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