Dam-Funk – ‘I Gotta Let U Know’

By , Feb 9 2012

Stones Throw’s love jam savant has been quiet so far this year.

You could argue that petty things like release schedules are irrelevant for such timeless music – its combination of unadorned drum machine beats, loosely-applied vintage synths and soulful musings on the universal themes of love and loss certainly has that old-but-new feeling so characteristic of music of the last few years. But it would still be nice to hear more from him.

‘I Gotta Let You Know’ is the latest in a slow but steady stream of unreleased tracks on the producer’s Soundcloud, letting us know, in a low-key fashion, that Mr. Funk is still in operation. It’s got that trademark slow, grinding bump, shot through with one of those squiggly synthetic basslines that works directly on the hips. Over the top, Funk’s voice is pitched around digitally – simultaneously corpulently low and comically high – into an alien chorus bigging himself up: ‘I gotta let you know that I’m the one giving you that true funk, LA’, chants the chorus. It’s an arrogance you can’t help but love.

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