Cassie – ‘King of Hearts’

By , Feb 10 2012

A trailer for it has been kicking around the Internet for a couple of months, but the latest single by Cassie, ‘King of Hearts’ is now online. We’re torn. It was inevitable that Cassie in 2012 would be making 4/4 dance pop – and this track’s got a million times more class than the muck churned out by the Guetta / LMFAO / FloRida circle of Hell; in fact, it’s probably closer to the material from Robyn’s Body Talk records – but she’s done this kind of thing before, and it’s never been her strong point. Cassie’s best when the music’s slow and cold. Still, the rumours are that her and Diddy are now engaged, so maybe there’s a little less ice in her life these days.

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