Machinedrum – ‘New Beats Teaser 2012’

By , Feb 24 2012

The Berlin-based producer continues to hemorrhage new material.

When Machinedrum – aka Travis Stewart – released the Nastyfuckk EP earlier this week, the word that sprung to mind was ‘prolific’. Arriving less than a month after his SXLND EP, it was a timely reminder that Stewart churns out high quality material at quite a lick. Now, Stewart has uploaded a mix of all-new productions, entitled ‘New Beats Teaser 2012’. That admiration is starting to turn into concern: do this guy’s family and friends ever get to see him?

Thankfully, their loss is our gain. Over 11 minutes, Stewart crams in 23 new odds’n’sods. Granted, you only get snippets of each track, but they suggest that there should be no shortage of high-quality material to look forward to from Stewart in 2012. There’s plenty of scattershot footwork rhythms and woozy synth work, not to mention a few nods to classic rave and a little boom-bap for good measure. Provided he doesn’t exhaust himself, Stewart is on a roll.

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