Murlo – Wineyard EP

By , Mar 18 2012

Murlo is a distinctly individual character in a scene of fairly interchangeable styles. With Silverlink having maintained a low profile since ‘The Message Is Love’ the door has been left wide open for Murlo’s exhilarating soca refixes of grime and bashment classics, his own original productions and the recent remix of Slackk’s ‘Polar Bear’ for Unknown to the Unknown.

It is therefore both exciting and refreshing to hear his latest release, the Wineyard EP, applying his trademark style to 4 tracks of contemporary dancehall. Idiosyncratic mallet melodies reminiscent of Afro-pop, Gamelan and early UK funky mix with Eski synth and General MIDI instruments at a slower, winding tempo. Wineyard is self-released through Bandcamp, and you can preview it above. We say it deserves some vocals.

Steve Shaw

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