Bass Clef – ‘Suddenly Alone Together’

By , Apr 30 2012

Ralph Cumbers’ irrepressible production project rumbles on with another new release.

Following on from last year’s ‘Rollercoasters Of The Heart’, Bass Clef has a new full-length on the way for Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label. Reeling Skullways is a self-styled amalgam of ‘Chi-town jack and Detroit techno-soul’. Mixmag are giving away album track ‘Suddenly Alone Together’ gratis. Cumbers is a trombonist as well as a beatmaker, and ‘Suddenly Alone Together’ sees him approximate that instrument’s baritone wheeze using retro synth sounds.

Reeling Skullways is out now. If the track below prods your buttons, the album is currently streaming in full over at Resident Advisor.

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