Laurel Halo produces a blasted remix of Kuedo’s ‘Work, Live & Sleep’

By , May 14 2012

Kuedo’s starry-eyed 2011 LP Severant is a gift that keeps on giving.

The ex-Vex’d man is set to release a new three-track EP next month, titled Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space. The title track, plucked from the Severant sessions, is a coiling and abrasive variation on his retro-futurist sound. Dummy point towards a remix of the track from adventurous producer Laurel Halo.

Halo mutes the pomp of the original, turning in something much dubbier and stranger. The mood is spectral, knock-kneed, exhausted (cf Actress’ charming remix of Kodiak’s ‘Spreo Superbus’). On the evidence of this piece, prospects look very good indeed for Halo’s forthcoming Quarantine LP.

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