Mad Decent’s Baauer releases a free EP of totally tropical bass

By , May 18 2012

Those generous Mad Decent folk have been smuggling out material through their new free music label, Jeffree’s.

Following on from Slick Shoota’s collection of Norwegian juke (or, as it will henceforth be known, fjordwork) comes a dyad of new material from high-energy producer Baauer. The Fader point towards ‘Harlem Shake’/’Yaow!’, the first of which popped up in Rustie’s recent Essential Mix.

The Brooklyn artist is Mad Decent to the core. Tropical signifiers and bass frequencies are deployed with minimal restraint and even less shame. ‘Harlem Shake’ cribs Lunice’s sizzling head-knock, and tosses in a cluster of animal samples and metronome bleeps. Flipside ‘Yaow!’ is the clunkier number, but there’s still plenty to enjoy in those cycling vibraphone figures. Direct your cursor below to stream or download the tracks (audiophiles, take note: higher quality versions are available to Mad Decent Premium subscribers)


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