Hackman & Bluto demonstrate ‘What Matters’ on their new release for Deadplate

By , Jun 11 2012

It’s always a pleasure to hear a new transmission from Hackman.

The one-time FACT mixer seems to have been working on full-length As Above, So Below, supposedly due last September, for an age. Following on from his excellent PTN and Greco Roman singles (our pick: the yearning ‘Agree To Disagree’), he teamed up earlier this year with rattling house weirdo Tessela on the skippy ‘Now I’ve Lost My Number 4’.

He’s now clubbed together with Bluto for a new release on Deadplate Records (last seen releasing Artifact’s ‘Archaic Line’ earlier this year). ‘What Matters’ will arrive with a James Fox remix on the flip, and FACT have the exclusive first play of both tracks.

The A-Side is an exotic affair, the eerie quaver of a pan pipe contending with delicate percussion work. What with those marimba chords and the echo-chamber crashes, it’s a muggy slice of atmospheric house with a techy edge. James Fox’s take is an altogether groggier number. The opening skips point towards UKG, but a lockstep 4/4 beat takes charge around the one minute mark.

‘What Matters’ is due on Deadplate on June 18.

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