Hear two wonderful new tracks from Visionist

By , Jul 6 2012

92 Points man Visionist has upped two tracks onto his Soundcloud, and they’re both well worth your time.

‘Pour Water On A Witch’ is the better of the two, a great track with a great title.The clip was pulled from Dusk & Blackdown’s show on Rinse FM, and it’s an eerie affair. Goblin mumbles, the hoot of a steam train and Friedkin atmospherics are the order of the day, but the results are so disorientating that they never become straight -up schlocky. Visionist, it appaers, is doing fascinating things with a smudged palette

‘Come In’, meanwhile, has Keysound written all over it. Those delicate pinprick drums and hollow timbres bring LV’s Routes to mind, and there’s some smart vocal tweaking at work too. Listen to ‘Pour Water On A Witch’ below, plus a snippet of ‘Come In’, due August 6.

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