Ralph Cumbers is  certainly going up in the world.

Reeling Skullways, his most recent full-length for Punch Drunk as Bass Clef, made some serious noise, and he’s booked in to play the Royal Albert Hall under his Some Truths alias. Cumbers is now about to release a new 12″, ‘Dawn Chorus Pedal’/’You Don’t Know Don’t You Know’, for Idle Hands. The disc is due later this month, and FACT have an exclusive stream of the guttering A-Side.

‘Dawn Chorus Pedal’ begins humbly, firing off scattershot, ultra-synthetic percussion hits. Cumbers, however, gradually builds something out of nothing. Over eight minutes, he sculpts a seriously inviting analogue odyssey. Reeling Skullways aficionados will find plenty to enjoy, as will anyone who’s even moderately partial to Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings roster.

Idle Hands have a big label showcase coming up this Friday at Fabric, featuring a host of impressive names associated with the imprint. Vessel, Kowton and Asusu will all be appearing, as will Szare, Outboxxx and The Kelly Twins. Hyperdub will be welcoming Kode9, LV and Cooly G to Room 1, whereas Night Slugs will be repping in Room 2 with L-Vis 1990 and Jam City. Tickets and further line-up information are available here.

‘Dawn Chorus Pedal’/’You Don’t Know Don’t You Know’ is out on September 24.

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