Hear a long-lost track from Autre Ne Veut, 'Live For The Baby'

Here’s one for the lovers: enigmatic troubadour Autre Ne Veut has unveiled another groggy jam. 

His self-titled 2010 debut for Olde English Spelling Bee was about as divisive as pop records get. Much of the office adored its woozy, unvarnished strain of bedroom R&B; for others, the album’s wonky sonics and cavalier attitude to tuning induced actual motion sickness. Follow up EP Body, released last year on Hippos On Tanks,is probably better remember for its icky cover, but it represented a substantial improvement on the promise of the original.

As Ad Hoc note, the producer has been having something of a spring clean over the last 48 hours, upping all sorts of older treats onto his Soundcloud. Most of the tracks are remixes: revisions by Kingdom and ANV have both been uploaded, as has Mordant Music’s sweltering take on ‘Soldier’. Hidden amid the haul is unheard track ‘Live For The Baby’, and it’s great – one of the most maximalist things he’s ever recorded, and delightfully melodic to boot. Get ready to swoon/squirm.

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