Rush Hour resident Tom Trago is back with a bright and bouncy new 12″. 

The Dutchman has long established himself as an unusually wide-ranging producer, flitting from the screwed hip-hop of 2008’s The Fluor Green EP to mutant house on 2009’s Voyage Direct. Last year’s Iris LP went heavy on the vocals, and found a beguiling fusion of boogie, house and good old pop. This year has seen a split 12″ with Terrence Dixon, and oldie ‘Use Me Again’ was recently given a new lease of life by Carl Craig, who remixed the track for Rush Hour sub-label Voyage Direct.

Trago has just announced a new 12″ for Rush Hour, titled Rise Up’/’Sky High’. Both tracks are collaborative exercises: lead cut ‘Rise Up’ sees Trago club up with Amsterdam DJ Cinnaman, whereas the ‘Sky High’ flip features vocals from San Proper. FACT have an exclusive stream of the lucent title track. Slinky’s the word: Felix The Housecat’s aphrodisiac electro is a touchpoint, but Trago’s gentle touch keeps ‘Rise Up’ from falling into the tacky trap.

‘Rise Up’/’Sky High’is due on October 29

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