Download a clutch of new Dro Carey tracks

Sydney-based eccentric Dro Carey takes to Soundcloud to share new material.

Dro Carey may be his best known avatar, but Eugene Hector goes by many names. The enigmatic producer has recently taken to giving away tracks via his newly active Soundcloud. In the last couple days, he’s shared three wide-ranging tunes.

First up is the grimy dub of ‘Offal,’ which pummels with the rumble of sub-bass and a sinewy break beat. ‘Lotion,’ attributed to alias Fad TMB, is a kinetic juke track, but with the waterlogged uneasiness of his other work. From alias Tuff Sherm comes a techno re-work of the martial Underwater Tussin cut ‘Fatigues and Gray Tapes.’

Download the new tracks below; there are plenty more on his Soundcloud. Tuff Sherm’s Pharmacy EP will be out soon on Trilogy Tapes. About a year ago, Dro Carey shared an insomniac, marathon FACT mix.

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