Download the long-awaited third instalment in Jackmaster's Tweak-o-holic series

Alright, so if you don’t know Jackmaster, he’s resident DJ and part of the team behind Glasgow’s Numbers label, he released a belter of a Fabric.Live mix, and he’s just a general all-around good egg. 

His Tweak-a-holic series of mixes are his outlet for sexed-out funk, cracking pop, perm-heavy soul and more – the sort of stuff that even when you’re a DJ at Jackmaster’s level of popularity, you can’t always get away with playing out. Long-awaited by those that know, Vol. 3 is now out – you can stream it below, and download it here.

Jackmaster will be playing back-to-back with Oneman at Fabric tonight, with Joker, Pinch and a whole lot more also on the line-up.

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