The English torch singer joins a pair of teenaged Japanese producers for a cover of Brownstone’s ‘If You Love Me.’

BenZel is 15-year-old Umi Takahashi and 16-year-old Yoko Watanabe. Both originally from Osaka, they travelled to New York through their local foreign exchange program. Allegedly, they met earlier this year through an online message board about ankle socks and “quickly discovered they each had a profound appreciation for 90’s R&B and J. Dilla.”

That appreciation is on full display in their debut song. The pair have teamed up with Jessie Ware for a scintillating cover of Brownstone’s 1994 R&B ballad ‘If You Want Me,’ previously sampled by Brenmar on his club-shaking ‘Want Me’. The visual, directed by Kate Moross, features a color-soaked silhouette of Ms. Ware.

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