After years of pinballing around the music industry, heavily touted indie combo Egyptian Hip Hop finally got round to releasing their debut LP on R&S earlier this year.

In our review, we saluted an “impressively accomplished record”, but couldn’t help feeling something was missing. Cue an intervention from Lone, crown prince of saturated, giddy house music. The R&S resident has remixed Good Don’t Sleep track ‘Yoro Diallo’, and FACT have the first play of the results.

Egyptian Hip Hop’s 2010 EP Some Reptiles Grew Wings boasted production by Hudson Mohawke, and there’s more than a whiff of Butter about Lone’s ultra-glossy revision. In contrast to the producer’s more recent work – 2010’s Emerald Fantasy Tracks, this year’s swish Galaxy Garden – ‘Yoro Diallo’ sounds like Lone circa Lemurian: slow, swung, starry-eyed. Lone’s Sierra game synths are instantly recognisable, and the rattling drum programming keeps the cut ticking along very respectably.

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