Download Lockah's frenetic <em>Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em</em> EP

As promised, the Scottish up-and-comer’s EP is an ADD-addled Frankenstein’s monster of dance styles.

After the previously premiered lunacy of the title track and ‘Sly Winking Usury’, we had a good idea what the EP would sound like: rave, trap, video games, and whatever else Lockah could imagine, fused in a blender.

The whole EP is available now, via Mishka. Like the other two originals, ‘This Is True Muscle Suicide’ bounces between moods and rhythms like a manic depressive. As for the remixes, Jaw Jam’s “Rave Cave Remix” of the title track is a particularly paranoid slice of garage, while BF Hoodrich (see what he did there?) gives the Lex Luger treatment to ‘This Is True.’ Stream and download the EP below.

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