The Detroit up-and-comer keeps it simple in her latest clip.

The video follows the rooftop-shot video for Haze’s ‘Gossip Folks’ in its no-frills aesthetic: just the emerging talent, a camera, and a blindingly bright spotlight. Directed by Arnaud Muller, the video will do nothing to tamp down the Aaliyah comparisons, especially since the lithe Haze spends most of the song (a re-working of Erykah Bad’s song of the same name) singing rather than rapping.

‘Love Of My Life’ is featured on her largely fiery and confrontational Classick mixtape which, as the title suggests, features Haze rapping over time-tested hip-hop and R&B beats. Staying busy, she recently teamed-up with Lunice for ‘Gimme That’.

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