Yesterday brought the fine news that Werk Discs affiliates Lone and Lukid would be remixing Border Community MVP Nathan Fake.

Audio has now surfaced of Lone’s take on Steam Days opener ‘Paean’. The ingredients – synthetic choirs, lucent synth scrawl – will be familiar to anyone who’ve been on board with Lone in the years since 2010’s volte-face ‘Pineapple Crush’. It’s far from Lone-by-numbers, though: unlike the more frenetic fare on his most recent LP, ‘Paean’ is a demure analogue house number that sounds as if it could have been beamed in from the glory days of Apollo Records. For those swept up by this year’s Galaxy Garden, the ‘Paean’ remix is a lovely transmission to close out a strong year for the producer.   

The ‘Paean’ single is due on December 3. Fake also contributes a short remix of the title track.

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