Late last week, ambitious producer/composer/cube-crafter Nicolas Jaar dropped a new track online.

Jaar isn’t an artist renowned for mincing his words, so ‘The Ego’ is a title that potentially promises some candid self-examination. As it happens, there’s not much introspection going on at all – ‘The Ego’ is a breezy, oddball curiosity. The track’s a light and lilting bit of aqua-funk, not a squillion miles away from Major Lazer’s lovely ‘Get Free’. The track also features vocals from a Jaar alter-ego, Theatre Roosevelt – who, according to the track’s blurb, is the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt (note: it appears Theo’s been listening to a lot of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry from his presidential cloud). [via Pitchfork]

Jaar recently issued a digital version of his infamous Prism, featuring material from a host of artists from his Clown + Sunset label.

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