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Brace yourself for Slackk’s earthshaking ‘Shogun Assassin’

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    3 Dec 2012
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Brace yourself for Slackk's earthshaking 'Shogun Assassin'

If Michael Bay made grime records…

Last we heard from grime/footwork experimentalist Slackk, he was offering up the twilight G-funk cut ‘Red Voodoo’. ‘Shogun Assassin’, by contrast, is a hulking bit of Godzilla grime. It’s a big, moody, silly piece, full of gothic pomp and the sort of synth textures that would make The Soft Moon would go all gooey-eyed. The track’s also just got a suitably rambunctious video, made up of clips from the 1980 samurai gorefest of the same name. Look forward to some nifty swordwork and a pram that definitely wouldn’t pass the Mothercare safety test. [via Dummy]



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