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Ducktails recruits Oneohtrix Point Never for funky new track ‘Letter Of Intent’

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    5 Dec 2012
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    Oneohtrix Point Never
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Matthew Mondanile’s punch-drunk psych-pop project Ducktails is back. 

Mondanile makes the bulk of his bread through his work with indie combo Real Estate, but he’s garnered a fair amount of kudos for his efforts as Ducktails. Releasing on the likes of Woodsist and Olde English Spelling Bee, Mondanile has earned his solo stripes turning out groggy soft-rock and tropical pop. Last year’s languorous Arcade Dynamics proved his most successful release to date, and showed him to be a smart producer as well as an effective songwriter.

‘Letter Of Intent’ is picked from forthcoming LP The Flower Lane, primed to drop at the tail end of next month. The track features some to-and-fro vocals from Jessa Farkas of NYC’s dreamy psych unit Future Shuttle and Big Troubles’ Ian Drennan. Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) contributes some incidental synth, although his interventions are very much in the Games rather than the OPN mould. The track is both glossier and lither than the bulk of Mondanile’s solo work to date – as letters of intent go, it’s a bold one.

The Flower Lane is due on January 29 on Domino. [via The Fader]


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