Under the next (and late – give us a break, it’s Christmas) window of FACT’s 2012 Advent Calendar is DJ Q. 

One of West Yorkshire’s most potent dancefloor producers for some time now, Q cut his teeth at the forefront of the UK’s bassline house scene. 2011 and 2012 has seen him find more success down south than ever before, with releases coming on Butterz (his smouldering ‘Woooo Riddim’ remix), Unknown to the Unknown (‘All Junglist’) and Local Action (‘Brandy & Coke’ – full disclaimer: a label run independently by FACT staffer Tom Lea). Despite his diversity, garage has always been at the heart of Q’s sound, and the heads should be able to guess what ‘Closer than Close’ riffs on from the minute they see the title. Enjoy.

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