Miami rapper Spaceghostpurrp shares video for 'Been Fweago'

The goth-rap revivalist shares a brief but menacing clip.

‘Been Fweago’ is a hypnotic cut that first appeared on Spaceghostpurrp’s breakthrough mixtape Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6, before it was cleaned up and remastered for his 4AD debut Mysterious Phonk. Thankfully, this hazy, purple-tinted video uses the original lo-fi composition as its soundtrack. Unfortunately, it wraps up before the song’s chopped-and-screwed menace hits its stride.

After a short-lived “retirement” last year, the erstwhile A$AP collaborator released the BMW EP, capping a 2012 that saw the release of an acclaimed mixtape, a major label debut, and a crew-heavy “greatest hits” record.

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