Radiohead's 'Codex' sampled by Willow Smith

The latest from Will and Jada’s precocious 12-year-old daughter.

From the first notes of the King of Limbs-sampled piano melody, it’s clear that the youngest member of the Smith clan is done whipping her hair (for now, at least).

‘Sugar and Spice’ is melancholy and surprisingly moving (“I sat in front of the TV screen / Sad he’s always screaming at me / they want to puncture me / and wonder why I bleed”), and while a few of the higher notes are out of her range, it’s tough to dismiss it out of hand: if the track was attributed to Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, or any of the handful of similarly-inclined pop artists, it would be ping-ponging around the Internet.

Stream the track over on Smith’s Soundcloud, a site where her account name (SaulePleurant) translates to the appropriately gloomy “weeping willow.” Smith is set to star in Jay-Z’s remake of Annie, which is scheduled to film this year.

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