23 year old Brooklynite Clay Wilson specialises in tightly wound techno for the Chain Reaction heads.

Wilson’s been a prolific Soundcloud user over the last month or so, and his debut EP is now set to arrive on new Brooklyn imprint Styles Upon Styles, who’ve previously notched up a solitary 12″ from Dutch half-stepper tomlaan. Wilson’s BASH002 arrives as part of the label’s Bangers And Ash (or, for short, BASH) series, which invites new producers to put out 12″s with experimental material on the A-side, and club-ready compositions on the flip.

BASH002 fits the remit just fine, and shows plenty of promise. The A-Side collects four austere sketches, similar in tone and timbre to the spookier end of the Ekoplekz catalogue. The flip, meanwhile, features two brooding techno tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint. It’s a carefully arranged, atmospheric debut, with Wilson’s finest moments bringing Monolake’s painstakingly assembled techno-for-headphones to mind.

BASH002 is due on January 28 as a limited run of 200 translucent 12” records, decorated with wisps of black & white smoke and a self-designed sleeve.

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