Nochexxx, formerly of Werk Discs and Ramp Recordings, has uploaded a strange, rewarding album of modular tomfoolery. 

Nochexxx is a crucial player in Cambridge’s incestuous underground scene, where zooted drone mystics (The Doozer) can be found in cahoots with with bedroom techno producers or Dadaist troubadours (Pete Um). Having once helmed the Tripel label, Nochexxx spends his time putting out psychedelic house and techno – notable releases include a collaboration with Sensational for Werk Discs in 2010, a host of 12″s for Ramp, and a recent split LP with analogue fetishist Ekoplekz.

Seattle label Further Records have just released a new set of synthscapes and synthetic sketches from the producer titled, The Unhaptic Synthesizer. As per the Ekoplekz disc, the album arrives under the producer’s CHXFX moniker, and sees Nochexxx experimenting with vintage modular synth technology. In contrast to Oneohtrix Point Never’s sleek overtures, Nochexxx’s works are decidedly more provincial, bringing Belbury Poly and Ian Helliwell’s investigations into 1960s amateur recording culture to mind.     Further have been prolific exponents of characterful, occasionally forbidding computer music for the last three years – Hieroglyphic Being, Donato Dozzy and Pye Corner Audio have all dropped releases on the imprint – and The Unhaptic Synthesizer should be chalked up as another quirky success. Click below to listen, or head here to buy the album.

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