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Hear DJ Rashad sample Django Unchained on ‘On That Nag’

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  • published
    7 Feb 2013
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    DJ Rashad
    Quentin Tarantino
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Hear DJ Rashad sample Django Unchained 'On That Nag'

DJ Rashad, all primed to drop an EP on Hyperdub in March, has gone to town on Tarantino’s stylish slave-era western. 

‘On That Nag’ features a mangled sample of dialogue from Samuel L. Jackson’s Stephen, described by the actor as “the most despised Negro in cinematic history”. The template is familiar – spastic drum programming, coruscating synths, butchered vox – but it’s a compelling, quirky listen for fans of Tarantino and Lit City Trax alike.



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