Young Smoke drops the <em>Star Stories</em> album

Flight Muzik’s young pilot has dropped another free record of starry-eyed footwork.

The Chicago native impressed with last year’s Planet Mu debut Space Zone, a sleek collection of footwork raised on sci-fi flicks and vintage electro. Aside from his official Mu duties, he’s also partial to knocking out low-key albums and EPs on his Bandcamp page: last year’s The Galaxy 1.0  was a pretty collection of fairy-light footwork, and he welcomed in the festive season with an unlikely Christmas EP.

The Chicago native’s latest release is the Star Stories 1.0 collection. Although billed as an EP, it’s essentially a new Young Smoke album, boasting 12 new tracks from the producer. The high point is definitely shimmering lead track ‘Ocean Life’, but it’s another accomplished selection, shot through with Jeff Mills retro-futurism and the occasional dab of schmaltz.

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