Balam Acab leaks two haunting, unheard tracks

By , Apr 1 2013

 ‘Luminesce’ and ‘La La La’ are now available to stream and download.

While both tracks might be off-cuts from the Wander/Wonder sessions, they are a timely reminder about why everyone gave a damn about Alex Koone in the first place, with typically cavernous pinprick synth sounds jumping out over rustling field recordings and the lightest of beats. Don’t call it chill out, but man – if we don’t feel all light and fuzzy right now. These tracks might just about be able to tide us over before leaks of that new Boards of Canada album start to surface.

The next Balam Acab record is in the works now, according to the man himself, but there’s no word on when it might actually reach us. [via Self-Titled Daily]

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